Protect Your Home From the Elements

Reliable roofing repair services in Bossier City, LA and the surrounding areas

You should be able to sleep soundly in your house, knowing that the roof over your head is secure. When your roof isn't in perfect shape, you're exposing your home to all sorts of potential problems. Green Hammer, Inc. offers roofing repair services that will successfully restore your roof.

If a massive storm just passed, don't wait until you notice water stains on your ceiling or water dripping down your walls to call a professional. Trust Green Hammer with all of your roofing repair needs in Bossier City, LA and the surrounding areas. Call 318-771-2147 right now if you have a ceiling leak in your home.

Our team of skilled professionals can easily replace your current roof in Bossier City, LA. We'll efficiently remove your current roof and install:

Metal roofing
Asphalt shingle roofing
Impact-resistant shingle roofing

We offer metal roofing installation services for residential and commercial properties. To schedule a roofing installation appointment, contact our team today.